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July 12 to 18, 2023 If therapy for cirrhosis does not work, the treatment of ascites consists in puncture. a puncture is made with a thick needle below the navel, due to which part of the fluid is removed, alleviating the patient's condition.

In the most severe cases, ascites caused by cirrhosis can only be cured by liver transplantation. In general, dropsy is an unfavorable sign and worsens the prognosis in cirrhosis.

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Dropsy, as a rule, makes itself felt with primary tumor foci formed in the stomach, mammary gland, pancreas, colon, ovaries or bronchi.

Practice shows that in 65% of patients the fluid is excreted due to the intake of diuretics. In the treatment of ascites, abdominal paracentesis (abdominal puncture) is often performed, which not only alleviates the patient's condition, but also makes it possible to examine the fluid for total protein, leukocytes, and the presence of coreg (Gram's method, culture).

In cancer, the treatment of abdominal ascites also involves chemotherapy. Thus, platinum preparations and paclitaxel are effective in testicular oncology, and 5-fluorouracil and leucovorin are used in colon cancer.

In some cases, intracavitary therapy is prescribed, which consists in removing fluid from the abdominal cavity and administering the drug bleomycin. Treatment of ascites in heart failure. Dropsy is treated in combination with the underlying disease - heart failure, and the evacuation of the accumulated fluid is carried out by two methods.

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carvedilol - the effect of taking them appears no earlier than after a few weeks. The optimal diuresis is 3 liters, and it is impossible to force the process of removing fluid, because. organism mMay interpret this as dehydration. Puncture - is carried out at the stage when taking diuretics does not work. After the puncture, the patient may be prescribed drugs containing protein. Treatment of ascites with folk remedies.

The remedy is insisted for half an hour, they drink 3 tablespoons 5 times a day. Dried angelica root (2 tablespoons) pour boiling water (1 cup), cook for 25 minutes. Drink before a meal, 100 ml four times a day, after cooling and straining the remedy.

Traditional medicine suggests fighting dropsy with decoctions and infusions. Coltsfoot and sweet clover are taken equally, for 1 spoonful of raw materials you will need 500 ml of boiling water.

If you have ascites, treatment with traditional methods should be agreed with the doctor and act as an addition to traditional methods of therapy.

One of the dangerous consequences of malignant tumors of various organs in the human abdominal cavity and liver damage by cirrhosis is ascites (dropsy). It is expressed in the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity due to impaired blood circulation in the portal vein.

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With the development of this disease, the formation of coreg pills in the subcutaneous tissue occurs. This can usually happen in those parts of the human body where the fiber structure is loose. On such edema, the patient's skin is dry and smooth to the touch, pale in appearance. Sometimes it shines in the affected areas, which helps to correctly diagnose the disease.

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With lesions of the heart muscle, the skin takes on a blue or blue tint with swelling. Dropsy in such cases provokes a violation of venous circulation and its stagnation. At the first stage of the disease, swelling of the feet begins to appear, and then dropsy passes to the ankles of the patient and begins to progress in the upper body, especially in the patient's abdominal cavity (ascites). Heart failure in this case is diagnosed when a patient has difficulty breathing and swelling of coreg.
Another type of this disease is dropsy of the testicle in men. It is divided into acquired type and congenital. The main cause of such dropsy is an acute inflammation of the testicles themselves or a violation of the activity of the cardiovascular system. During the development of the disease, the membranes of the testicles themselves become denser, which causes the accumulation of fluid.
The same phenomena occur in diseases of the stomach and liver, ovarian cancer in women. Congenital dropsy and its symptoms appear during the formation of the fetus, when the testicles are still in his abdominal cavity. During this period, fluid may accumulate as the young testicle descends into the scrotum, which contributes to the development of a hydrocele. With this development of the disease, two types of carvedilol pills.

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